About Us

Downtown Neighbouring Rights is a bespoke, client relationship-focussed neighbouring rights collection service for performers and rights holders dedicated to maximizing royalty collection by combining world-leading tech with comprehensive sector knowledge.

The Team

Comprised of experts with decades of industry experience at both collection societies and independent NR agencies, DNR has comprehensive knowledge of this niche area of royalty collection.

The Technology

Our offering leverages FUGA’s proprietary technology to efficiently manage repertoire, automate the society-specific royalty collection process and metadata enrichment alongside a client portal providing transparency and data insights.

What Our Clients Say

"Neighbouring rights are an important and expanding source of revenue for artists with U.S. citizenship and I appreciate having a trusted partner in Downtown Neighbouring Rights to support the collection of that income." Lindsey Buckingham

"With neighbouring rights becoming an increasingly important form of revenue for rights holders and their catalog, we are confident that the Meat Loaf estate is in trusted and reputable hands with Downtown Neighbouring Rights, whose dedication to protecting and maximizing artists’ repertoire makes them an ideal partner for us.” Terry Doty (Representing the Meat Loaf Estate)

"We are happy to expand our relationship with the Downtown Music Family. They have proven that they value and love Miles' music as well as his brand." Vince Wilburn Jr. (Representing the Miles Davis Estate)

Downtown Music Holdings

Downtown Music Holdings (Downtown) is a modern global music company. We help millions of creators, rights holders and their partners to manage their music as a business and get paid fairly for their work. We’re working to build a more equitable global music industry because we believe when creators and their partners are fairly compensated, they are empowered to keep creating and investing back into the world.

We service over 50 million music assets from hundreds of countries across six continents, including some of the most well-known songs in popular music. Working with creators at every stage of their career, from emerging songwriters to iconic performers, our business model drives equity across the entire global music industry supply chain.